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rug cleaning machine


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i need to buy a rug cleaning machime. i don't know what to get...need some advice.....i have 2 dogs. both are housebroken...problem is the lady i rent from puts out tons of dried cat food. so the 10 acres is over run with the critters. of course they have killed every rabbit bird squirrel for acres around. my dogs of course eat the cat food and then come home and vomit it on her carpets at least once a month... need some advice on what brand to get.. thanks

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Jerry Johnston

Target has a cleaner called Bissel 'Little Green' that sells for $99 and it works great. We've had ours for about 10yr now and used it for the rug, couch and car upholstery.

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I borrowed a Bissel (ProHeat) from my sister recentl- works pretty good, but you have to remember to go V E R Y S L O W L Y in order for it to clean well, and then you go over it again, to suck up as much of the water as you can.

(Work in small sections.)


As a former professional carpet cleaner, I wasn't expecting much from a DIY product from Walmart.


Here's a bit of advice that you WON'T find in their manual, however - use as LITTLE soap as possible.

Don't pre-treat any spots unless absolutely necessary, and when running the cleaner, thin out the recommended stuff at least 3:1, or more.

And then be sure to go over the carpet AGAIN using only water, to rinse out as much soap as you can.

Otherwise, the soap residue stays in the carpet - and dirt then adheres to the sticky carpet much better than it did before. (And every time you add more soap to clean it, it gets progressively worse.)

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Cleaning carpet makes it a dirt magnet . I'm in the carpet business and it changes the texture of the yarn. it's a good last resort before changing the carpet. My carpet is 17 years old and it has never been cleaned .It still looks great after each vacuum. The best spot cleaner I have ever found is Grease Lightning, from Walmart or Home Depot. I just put new carpet in a friends house and dog proofed the rooms. Spring loaded hinges on the doors and we made saloon doors at the foot of the stairs ,also with spring loaded hinges. Good Luck.

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For any manual spot or stain cleaning you might need, look in a pet store for a product called "Nature's Miracle." I hate the hyperbole in the name, but the stuff works better on stains and odors than anything else we've tried in 20+ years of cleaning up after dogs.


Another +1 for the Bissell. And you can use Nature's Miracle in it.

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I have two dogs and had a Bissell, but wore it out cleaning up after my female dog who developed pancreatic cancer. She could not not keep food or water down.


I bought the Rug Doctor. It is the kind you can rent at the grocery stores or home improvement stores.


It is an industrial strength machine.

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I've used both a rental Rug Doctor and pro-services. Nothing beats hot water and suds extracted by a 55hp truck mounted Kohler.

Best thing I ever did was get rid of my carpet and go to hard surface laminate. Problem solved.

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Rinsing the carpet is key but caution is advised if you live in a humid area. My climate is generally very dry. I used a Rug Doctor a few months ago. One pass with soap cut 50%. Four passes with plain water. The first pass and the last pass waste water looked about the same dirty color. And that's after I vacuum with a Dyson that fills up the canister at least twice each week. When you can switch to a hard floor you can sell the carpet cleaner.

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