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Vtechnik Windshield R1200 RT


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I just got the taller/wider Vstream Windshield, R1200RT, Z2403. It looks like it may not line up right. There are 3 holes on each side, instead of the 2 like on the stock windshield. Is there any mods that have to be made to the lifter arms, or is this just a design charachteristic?


I can't find any documentation on line..


I'm starting to wonder if I've been sent the wrong shield...


Anyone have this shield?

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I recently installed a regular Vtechnik windshield (the "regular", smaller size), and there are three holes on each side of the screen, and three holes in the mounting arms. The top and bottom holes are visible, and the third one -- in the middle -- will be visible when you remove the top part of the mount.

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