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Is this right? (answer from Bob's)


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I wrote Bob's BMW to order a new seat for my 12st. I want to use it to have a custom seat built, since I don't wish to loose my bike for 3-5 weeks. I said I'd take stock, lower, or even better used. This is the reply I got:



That bike is so new we do not have a list of parts for it yet.


Rich Kennedy

E-Commerce, Parts and Used Parts

Bob's BMW Motorcycles

301-497-8949 x.214

Fax 301-776-2338

10720 Guilford Rd Jessup MD 20794-9385



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That doesn't sound right, but the point I would like to address is that if you have not done so, check all sources BESIDES dealers for a used seat - try EBAY, Craigslist, etc, etc. Good luck!

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I've been looking around and haven't found any. Since there aren't any aftermarket seats available it's unlikely someone is selling their stock seat. That's why I was willing to buy new.


I think the answer I got was just plain lazy. They're an authorized BMW & Parts dealer right? They Haven't sold any ST's with the lower seat? No way to check on part number/price with BMW? None of their customers have needed ANY parts for this bike? Seems like someone didn't want to do any work. Heck I had to write them twice to even get an answer. They're off my vendor list(And I have made purchases from them).

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Paul Mihalka

R1200ST low seat part no. is 52537683687. I don't know if BMWNA has them in stock, but I expect yes. We have no problems getting low seats for R1200RT, R1200GS, K1200S, K1200R.

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I just called San Jose BMW and the parts guy immediately gave me the various R1200ST seat numbers, rear, ft low and std. seat. Paul posted the numbers above.

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Thanks for the part #'s, and confirming it was an issue with Bob's, and not BMW.


I'll call my dealer and have them order one. They're 40 miles from me so I was trying to save a bit of time with an Inet order. No more Bob's for me.

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