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GPS screen magnification


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Anyone tried to magnify the imagae on their GPS?

I don't need to, yet, but reading the other thread got me curious.

I found a site w/magnification and polarization products, some acrylic , some vinyl, etc.

Would something like this work to magnify the image and reduce sun glare?


This is to Home site, anyone have suggestion from their products...

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RAM do one for GPS sets etc - but it just seems to make part of an image large and fuzzy - if anyone wants mine it's for free plus postage


My mate put one on his Honda and when we came back from a long lunch stop the focussed sun had burned a very expensive arc across his instrument panel!

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That was my first reaction, but wondered if anyone had first hand experience with thin mil which allowed the screen to work, or, used their remote control

The effect of sun was also a concern because one of the products I saw was a solar fire starter.

I may look at a flip down design concept that would allow the big image and easy access to touch screen.

Just wondering about possible applications on a motorcycle for possible.products

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GPS magnifier reviews here and here.

Basspro sells them for $37, Cabelas for $39.


Aerostich markets the same product at $32 for motorcycle use here. A surprise that Aerostich would have something cheaper than anyone else.


Reviews are not glowing.


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I bought wrap around saftey glasses with 1.5 cheaters built into the bottom. I have them in clear and smoked.

The reason your eyes go bad as you get older is so your old lady still looks good to you.

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I broke down and just realized that I needed to wear glasses (getting old). My doctor set me up with progressives, and they work perfect. The GPS and gauges are clear and I can still see long distance.



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