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R1150RT Hazard light

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I'm being tailgated by a 4-wheel driving that's getting too close for comfort, so I turn on my hazard light for a few seconds to get their attention and they move back to about 50 feet.


Got the desired result, but now my turn signal idiot lights glow full time and so do the actual turn indicator lamps, side marker lights and rear turn indicator lamps. I can hold down the cancellation button on the right grip to get all the unwanted lights to go out but then I have to hold it down to keep them off. Also the turn signals don't work at all unless I let up on the Hazard light cancellation button on the right grip.


Any ideals on what's going on here??? I'm thinking a bad Cancellation Switch or the Flasher Relay. Fuses are fine to all circuits, fluid reservoirs correct, etc.

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Just for clarity, when you turn the hazard lights on, do you press both turn signal switches (this should revert to one side only when you release them). Or do you use the red triangle button on the left handgrip?


If you release the cancel switch on the right, do the turn signals work normally?


One thing that comes to mind is that you may have a Kisan signalminder flasher relay. You may have tripped that to funcion as a cruise light. You can look in the fusebox to see what the TS relay looks like.


It sits on the right of the fusebox, in the center row. the kisan looks like this: http://www.kisantech.com/view_product.php?product=SM-5


If it is a kisan, see their instructions. If not, we'll keep looking.


HTH, Daniël


HTH, Daniël

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Don't remember seeing any relays that looked like aftermarket ones, but I'll take another look. I do remember some quick instruction when I bought the bike, that I may have to hit both signal switches at the same time, and have not tried that option yet. Still adjusting to BMWs way of doing things after 30 year the "others".


Thanks for the input, hope that does it.


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Thanks guys, problem solved. Nicky new guy me didn't realize I had reset the programmable relay when I had used my Hazard lights in a "on the fly" situation. Had the one that Daniel mentioned and found how to reset it. Many Thanks . . . I'm lovin' this forum and appreciate you guys being here to help.


More time riding and less time fixing! Yeh!!!

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.... Had the one that Daniel mentioned and found how to reset it.


You may or may not know that amber rear facing running lights are not legal but I have yet to hear of anyone being cited for them.

I've used one for 6 years/50+k on my 03 RT.


I dim mine after dark & run them at full level during daylight.


Welcome to the board :wave:

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