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Winter sucks


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I see that we trained y'all well last winter.

First you complain about the snow, then you post the Florida pictures sparing us from the effort.


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It is beautiful out today in SW Florida; the sun is shining and I even have the ceiling fan on. It's 2:45 now, I would never make that bikini contest/beauty pageant by 5:00! Damn! Hang in there guys; spring is on the way-just a couple of months away (technically).

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it's chilly here in the northeast corner, all the way down to 60 and raining.


Rain. You don't have to shovel it...


Is it BRR time yet?

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I wonder if the mods will let us have a shot at a BMWST swimsuit edition...




be careful what you ask for... Leslie may use the opt out from the swimsuit edition as a board fundraiser

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