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K1200RS with D220 front - what other tire can I put on the back ?

Doug 55

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My '98 K12 has a front D220 which seems to give good wear, handling etc. but the rear D220 is approaching the wear bars with just shy of 4K miles running :-(


Would just as soon stay with the D220 front (had very good luck with them on my RT), can anyone recommend a rear tire that will hold up better than the D220 and work well in conjunction with the D220 front ?



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The profile of the Avon AV46ST would be a close match for the D220, Doug. It lasts me about 8,500 miles of 90+ MPH cruising.


However, just matching up roll characteristics is only part of the scene. Those tires would have very different traction characteristics - both wet and dry - producing mismatches in both braking and cornering (It does rain up your way, eh?). That's too dangerous for me. Doesn't matter which one is "stickier", the mismatch there might not be felt while riding until it's too late.


Be thee not Penny Wise, but Pound Foolish, buddy.


Best wishes.

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Adding to the above post, age and heat cycles deteriorate rubber, and that's the primary reason why tires should be replaced in pairs, regardless of tread left. Even the same model on the back would be 'mismatched' with an old front.


Talking from experience, I had my rear D220 replaced at 2K miles, and replaced both at 6,700 miles, when the rear was shot (4,700 miles). The front was getting scary by then, and wouldn't advise doing what you want to do, especially if you're aggressive in the curves. My personal opinion is if people can't afford new tires in pairs, they shouldn't be riding motorcycles. Maybe I'm wrong, but my safety is very important to me.

Finally, almost any tire will be better than the Dunlops IMHO. I got the Conti Road Attacks myself, and they're much better compared to the D220s, but are a bit rounder. I plan to buy the Avon 45/46s next because they're widely recommended everywhere, and they have the 'flatter' curvature, like the D220s (just like Dick said). Will choose the best of those 2 and make them my permanent tire.

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1st I'd get rid of the Dunlop!!!


The Avon is a good tire and so is the Michelin Pilot Road series. Pretty sure both have fits to the RS.


I found the Dunlop to shed rubber at a very fast rate and steel belt showing with little warning.

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"Be thee not Penny Wise, but Pound Foolish, buddy - Best wishes"


"I found the Dunlop to shed rubber at a very fast rate and steel belt showing with little warning"


Thanks for the excellent advice . . . my D220 front is brand new & they would go a full 10K on my RT so I guess I will put on another rear D220 or two keep it company then put a set of better rep tires on next time around (whoops, no pun intended wrt "around" dopeslap.gif )

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