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After market shock and hyd. preload adjuster


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I installed some Hyper Pro's on my R1150RS about a year ago, shocks work fine but I was never happy about the routing of the hydraulic hose for the rear preload adjuster which according to instuctions goes up between the back of the airbox and the rear fender to the shock.


This weekend I finally got around to playing with it again. No matter what I do the hose get's kinked, if I loosen the ends to where it isn't then it leaks, I rerouted around the front of the shock and it is happier but still kinked (twisted) in the center. I've turned the end fittings over, adjusted the angle at the banjo bolts, etc, I just can't seem to get it in a position where the hose or me is happy. I should add that the HPA work fine - the hose isn't pinched to restrict fluid flow.


Any hints? I was thinking maybe there is a swivel connector from someone like Granger that would help if I could find the right threads. I'd love to here if anyone else ever had this problem and you did to address it.




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