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Helmet Question


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I wear a full face Arai Signet GT helmet. It is the ONLY helmet I've found that properly fits my long oval head. Are there other helmets that might work for me? Thx...

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hi mate ikon headwear make a great flip fronted helmet great for oval heads and long chins etc . brilliant venting easy release system they are the business.

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Dave McReynolds

I also have an oval head, and find that the Shoei X-11 fits even better than the Arai Signet, and it is not as noisy.

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A month ago I got a Scorpion EXO400 that fits my very large, very long, very oval head nicely. My only "complaint" is that after I put it on I have to rotate it forward (chin bar down) so that I can see my mirrors w/o tilting my head down. Isn't uncomfortable to wear that way but it does create a real funk with my hair.

It's DOT and SNELL rated and among the more reasonably priced helmets out there ($140 if I remember). Got it at our local BMW dealer which was an added plus.

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