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A few more Torrey pics

Brant Herbert

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Brant Herbert

Too much BTDT this trip to shoot many, but here's a few.


I rolled 50,000 miles on my way to Torrey (since 8/9/00). A smile per mile smile.gif




In the crisp morning air, the hoons prepare for their assault on Capital Reef and destinations beyond.


DSCN4446_small.jpg DSCN4447_small.jpg DSCN4450_small.jpg


DSCN4458_small.jpg DSCN4459_small.jpg


A group of late risers took a leisurely Saturday morning ride to Escalante for lunch.


DSCN4460_small.jpg DSCN4464_small.jpg DSCN4486_small.jpg


DSCN4473_small.jpg DSCN4462_small.jpg


Kathy enjoys the view...




...and stops to play with a lizard.


DSCN4477_small.jpg DSCN4480_small.jpg


On returning to Torrey after the lunch ride, I made a brisk solo dash through Capital Reef's twisties to the Lake Powell overlook




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Oh God Brant......the shot of Lake Powell is breathtaking. It is difficult to imagine such a magical place...but that shot just about does it. THANKS! I think the lizard was way too tame. He let me pet him...that is when I started to think that I know nada about lizards and decided he might have some nasty poison skin or something? I guess not...at least I didn't notice any side effects.

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While everyone else was trying to warm up the blacktop Saturday, I was in Capitol Reef NP taking pictures. One of the prettiest days I have ever seen in Utah. It's always best the day after a storm. Photo attached.


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Brant Herbert

Digital. My trusty Nikon 990 with wide angle extension lens. Shot hand-held w/o a tripod, I exposure-locked the camera, then shot the sequence of photos at approx. 45 degree compass increments, trying to keep the camera level across all shots. In the end, I had about 10 photos. The magic happens in Photoshop Elements, the "Photomerge" command. Pretty cool! I'm still learning how to shoot these panoramas. It would help if I shot with a tripod so the horizon stays level across all shots. Still, its kinda fun! smile.gif


What I wish I could shoot would be these "immersive'" 3D photos from IPIX, but that technology isn't targeted to the hobbyist, too much $$ for the keys to encode images. Maybe someday, when I finish accessorizing my RT (i.e never smile.gif )

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Thanks for the pics. I was unable to get there, but was through Torrey in April of this year and June of last. I love that area, and am really mad I couldn't be there. Was Diablo Cafe open? In April they hadn't opened up yet. Some note on the door about skiing. What a great life.




If the shoe fits, get another one just like it.

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Sorry Wurty....


We all got naked and howled at the moon. We all promised never to talk about it though. What happens in Torrey, stays in Torrey.....


oooppppss. frown.gif

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