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How To Cause a BMW Traditionalist's Heart Attack


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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

If that guy just happened to roll into one of our gatherings, he could get a real ass woopin'! 18.gif

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I'm not one to knock what other people see as art.


The common factor in both cases is that they're not being ridden.

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters
I guess I am a traditionalist. I like this one, all the way down to the red generator light and the stall. :grin:

Now that's sweet!

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That rig may be stock. Any NE Tech Daze attendees remember the guy that showed up with a bike just like that in tow?


This, courtesy or Roy Temple


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I like it. Not a big fan of the first one, but I like the lines on this one (
from Linz).


That's actually pretty nice. Not a bike I'd ever own, but looks good.


Regarding kettles and the color black.. IMHO, BMW isn't doing all that great with design of late. How "good" do the new RT's look and sound exactly??

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Now, it is not anywhere near my style, but I can actually appreciate that one. It looks as functional as any custom, actually has cornering clearance and likely functional brakes. And it is as pretty as most of those unridable customs. I like it........I wouldn't own it or ride it, but I like it.

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If these bikes are causing anybody distress, maybe they should let up on the kool-aid. Once a bike is sold, it belongs to the owner to do with as s/he pleases.


Ass woopin'? Yeah right!

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I'd be sad if it were an operable machine that had been gutted, but from what I've seen there are plenty of (nearly) abandonded ones that need to be broken out to find useable parts.


The one thing I'd find impressive is if someone did something like this and used the engine as a structural member, instead of like a v-twin where it is resting inside the frame...


To each their own!

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It can potato(e) with the best! :lurk:


Well, no. BMW exhausts sound like baby farts. Take the mufflers off and they sound like LOUD baby farts.


Sound is not something BMW does well. But that's okay; they look funky.



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There is a guy in New York that built a realy nice cafe racer out of a airhead and he uses the motor as a stressed member, if I find his site I'll link to it. This guys custom is one of the best I have seen, and being a cafe makes it more "functional" than a chopper in terms of handling. The guys in eastern Europe will chop ANYTHING, from dirtbikes to Guzzi nothing is safe from the torch and welder. I think it is pretty cool myself based just on the imagination and skill used by these guys to make something thier own. Being a rider is realy a practice of individualism with some amount of desire for personal expression at it base level, the chopper guys just take it up a few notches.

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I was there for that one. Apart from the anesthesiolgist who showed up on the Goldwing, this one won the prize for the most attention-getting machine in attendance.

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The beauty of multiple bikes...


Choppers for fun-with-welders / garage hero / Bar hopping madness

Tourers for big miles to far away places

Rice-Rockets for making far away places not-as far away :-)

Cruisers for looking cool at The Spot...


Ive not met many a bike that I didnt like..


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I don't quite get the righteous indignation. I'd rather see a pristine restoration, but sometimes an owner's financial circumstances and/or the bike's condition make that difficult, perhaps impossible. In that case, why not innovate?



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Now that, is good looking ride. The creativity in design, while keeping the shaft and rear suspension set up is just cool. :thumbsup:


Not just another S&S motor and Baker transmission stuck in a rigid aftermarket frame...


I agree with you 100%!! And I had the same thoughts about the rear suspension and shaft as well. I'd ride that bike. The only issue I have with it is the handle bar. There's gotta be something better than cafe racer bars. (Never liked them)

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