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Has anybody had dealings with an outfit called TIRE EXPRESS ?


They're offering a set of Avon Storms (R1200RT) for $259.99 plus free shipping , which is the best price I've come across, by at least $20.


"If it seems to be good to be true..." is lurking in the back of my mind so thought it wise to ask if Tire Express has been a resource for anyone here.




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Interesting pricing. I just bought a rear only from SWMoto. SWMoto with shipping beat TireExpress with free shipping by a couple of dollars.

For both f&r tires, TE is less.

TE is located in the NorthWest.

SWM is located in the Southwest.

I would think delivery would be at least a day quicker to Texas from SWM.

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I looked at the web site and see that they do not sell METZELER TIRES, I wonder why? :S

Metzler tires are distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Parts Unlimited. If you do not have a working relationship with PU, or if one of PU's largest customers doesn't want you to have access to Metzlers, you're not going to be able to purchase Metzler from them.

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