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Autocom - Problem hearing Escort


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I have a Pro-7 escort. I have an MP3 player, phone and escort radar detector hooked up. The phone and the Escort are hooked into the "2-1" box, with the phone on side B. I cannot hear the Escort at all. I have tried switching cables. When the cable is pluged into the escort it does not make any external sound, so I assume the connection is good there.


Does anyone have any experiance with this? Should this cable be a mono or stereo cable?

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I have the Escort X50 and it will not work with a stereo plug, only mono. The filtered cable from autocomm has a straight mono 3.5 mm plug at one end and a stereo 90 degree 3.5 mm stereo plug at the other end. The 90 degree stereo plug has to go to the autocom and not the radar detector.


Which sucks because it looks cleaner on the dash using the 90 degree end plugged into the radar. With current straight plug it also will not fit in my Hoon security box. dopeslap.gif


It now has me on the hunt for a 3.5 mm mono to mono 90 degree adapter. (I would rather not cut the cord to solder on a new end). Will either find one or buy mono extension from RS.


I also found out if you run power cords in one bundle and audio in one bundle and keep them apart and the audio away from lower part of motor it is clearer sounding.


Let me know how you make out.



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