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autocom wiring question


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I have a 2000 model 1100rt with no stereo system.I wired my autocom hot wire into the radio fuse and I wired the ground directly to the battery. I am now checking the system for proper function before securing the wiring in place. I plugged my ipod into the autocom and turned the switch to the "R" position and the ipod came on and worked perfectly, but I expected the autocom and ipod to be powered-up only when I turned the switch to "on" position. I assume that the "R" stands for radio and that I will be safe in leaving the autocom like it is. I looked in the owners manual and it does not tell what the "R" stands for on the switch and neither does the Haynes manual. The owners manual only says that when the switch is in "R" position that the ignition is "off" and that the handlebars are not locked. Is it safe to leave everything as is? Any suggestions are welcome.

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It is safe to leave it as it is provided that you don't ever leave the switch in the R position. It could flatten your battery and leave the Autocom power on all the time.

Why not use the horn fuse (#4 I think). This is only powered when the ignition is "on".

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Definitely either change the fuse or make sure you 'lock your wheel' every time. I had my Autocomm wired in to what I thought was the correct fuse and after a couple of weeks of not riding (it was cycling season), my battery was dead.


Now I always lock my wheels - even in my own garage.



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