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1200RT Auxiliary Socket Failure


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Has anyone else had this problem


Just passed 1300 miles on my new 1200rt (had the initial service performed at about 950 miles) and encountered the following problem: I had my tank bag and GPS hooked up to the auxiliary socket in the left front fairing...I was taking a day trip to Vermont. Everything was working fine until my first rest stop. When I went to leave, the GPS powered down after giving me a warning that there was no "auxiliary power". There was no power coming from the receptacle. Not until I killed the engine with the cutoff switch and the ignition switch (and I am not sure which one did the trick)did it appear that something "recycled" and power came back to the gps. This recurred several times during the day but always came back on (but not always on the first try) after turning the power on and off.


Has anyone else experience these intermittent failures in their auxiliary power receptacles?

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sounds like the canbus is shutting it down because of too high a draw (seems unlikely you have something in your tankbag that would cause that) or a short. Is any of the wiring in your tankbag suspect? turning the bike off and on again resets the system like replacing a fuse.

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Have a Powerlet "splitter" running out of the socket with the Garmin SPIII going into one end and the tankbag into the other. In the tankbag is a cellphone and an IPOD

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The CANbus system on your bike shuts power to the Aux socket 60 seconds after you shut off the ignition. Turning on the key will make the CANbus computer re-power the Aux Socket. This is a standard feature of the new CANbus system.

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I've been wondering about the same thing.


On my bike the dealer wired my Autocom to the back of the rear socket (optional extra) and about 1 time in 4/5 the Autocom fails to power up (as evidenced by the Ipod playing but nothing coming thru). I thought this was an Autocom problem until my 2610 powered off the front socket (same wiring to back of socket) started doing the same thing - I would switch on the igniton wait for CHECK to complete, start engine, switch on 2610 and nothing!!.

The failure occurs on both items together (dont always have the 2610 fitted) and I can hear an occasional 'click' in my speakers when this mode is functioning.

The cure is always power down the bike wait for computer display to go off then turn the key on again - always works too!!.

I guess there is something upsetting the Canbus but what I dont know.


I am going to take this up with the dealer next time I'm there as its starting to annoy me.

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I was just reading the manual on my ST, it says max for the outlet is 5A. What's with that? No heated gear will run on that. All you can do is run a MP3 or radar. confused.gif

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Hi Fernando,


I noticed the failure AFTER I had turned the ignition switch back on and restarted the engine. It was only then that I turned the GPS unit back on before setting off and it shortly went into the no power/shutdown mode. I looked in the the tankbag at the same time and the IPOD and Cellphone had also stopped charging.


From a reply above, it also seems like at least one friend from "over the pond" has a similar problem.


I have another friend with a 1200GS who says he has had recurring problems with his auxiliary socket but his has been "a wire" that has had to be replaced/repaired a couple of times.....not the same scenario that I am describing


I tried talking to my dealer and he professed ignorance. The service guy is very nice but can be misinformed. He had told me earlier that I couldn't run an IPOD off of the bike'e electrical system because of problems it would cause with the IPOD's electronics (said it would scramble the hard drive) and said that he didn't think I should install an Autocomm on the 1200RT if I planned to use an IPOD with the Autocomm. With respect to that notion, I couldn't find anyone on this board with an IPOD problem on the new Can-Bus bikes.

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I have been running my heated jacket (in May before it was HOT!) and my GPS off the front socket with no problems at all.


Do you have a Multimeter that will measure current?? If so, I would suggest that you connect the meter in series with the loads you are trying to power and measure the current consumption. I don't know for fact, but have been told the accy. socket will power down if current consumption exceeds 10 Amps. If current consumption is well below 10 Amps, then it would seem to me that there is a problem with the ZFE CAN controller. My heated jacket consumes about 7 Amps. and the GPS almost nothing.


GS and ST current limit is 5 A and RT is supposed to be 10 A which I believe 'cause I know my heated jacket consumes more than 5 A.


Good luck with your troubleshooting.

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I've booked mine in for diagnosis on Saturday morning.

My dealer hasnt heard of this behaviour and will look into it (knowing BMW it will probably be a head scratching session).

Will report back if anything is resolved.

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