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R1200RT Tires, What did you get & do you like them ???


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I saw several brands on the new 1200 RT's and mine came wirh Bridgestones, Battle axe 020. The darn things do work. I ride long miles, hard & fast and have been know to hit a turn or 2. Ok they are toast at 5,000 miles but they were fun miles and the traction and grip were outstanding. The ride was a little hard but I figured the real low profile and 42 lbs. in the rear did that.

I also thought the wider tire might last longer with it's bigger foot print but it seems tire life is the same as on Rusty.

What's on your new 1200 and how do you like them??

Gosh 2 weeks old and I need tires!! Am working on getting new shocks too as the stock ones don't have enough damping on any road that is a little rough .

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