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Aux lights for 1150GS


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I was wondering if any 1150GS riders out there had come up with economical auxillary lighting. I tried doing a search but only seemed to find aux. lighting for RT's. I'm sure the same lights would work for GS but would appreciate mounting and wiring suggestions or a gentle prod to an exsisting thread.

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Nuthin' economical about these lights (see attachment). PIAA 540s on some sort of dealer installed light bracket. PIAA 510s clamped to the engine crash bars with a pair of Kuryakin clamps. I'd guess that the previous owner and I combined have sunk about $500 into these lights. I like em, alot.


I installed a Blue Sea fuse panel under my seat to the top of my airbox. It also feeds an extra power outlet and the air horn pictured just above the smaller PIAA lamp.


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You can get an answer to this question on www.AdvRider.com by searching for lighting in general. Sit back and you can read for days.


Now for the rest of your question: economical. I'm not sure you can be too economical and still get great lighting, but some will disagree with me.


I use a set of LightForce 140 5.5" lights mounted on a Terra Nova light bar. Not economical by any means, but still less than some high end PIAAs. The LF lights are very light, being made from high impact plastic that's very durable. They are adjustable from a focused beam to a wide angle fog, kinda like a MagLite flashlite, and can be adjusted in seconds. They also have removable lens covers so you can put on an amber filter for daytime conspicuity and replace the filters with a clear one for night driving. They're very bright too. Someone rides up behind you with these puppies on and you'll think there's a 747 coming in for a landing.


Kind of a rambling answer, but hope it helps a bit.

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I was wondering if any 1150GS riders out there had come up with economical auxillary lighting.


I installed a set of Hella FF50 driving lights on both my 2003 and 2004 GS Adventures (same mounting as your GS). One set ran me $55, and the other set was $30 when Cabelas had a run on them. They provide more than adequate lighting. Not as good as an upper end light, but considering they are a small fraction of the price, they're great. Besides, I don't need to light up the road where I'm not going to be for a long while and I didn't want that "in-your-face-look" of bigger lights.


Both set of Hellas are mounted using a TerraNova light bar. There are many bars out there, but none as solid and well thought out as the TerraNova.


I used an Autoswitch to switch my lights on and off without having to install an extra switch. You want the AS5NB model.


I even managed to wire my lights without having to splice or cut into any factory wiring. I'm picky in that respect.

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