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She was probably only having a look!!

Gary in Aus

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Later reports suggest it is a female who regularly patrols this area





they have shown some poor quality footage on the TV but you can clearly hear the fisherman saying "how's the undies " to the kayakers , before they realised one of the kayakers was in the water.


It is an experience they will never forget!!

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It's refreshing to read an account like this that doesn't make a villain out of the shark. The man knew that he wasn't at the top of the food chain out there and chose to do what he loved anyway.



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this has been a dramatic shift in the mindset of many. Only twenty or so years ago the attack in W.A. would have had every idiot with half a brain and a bang stick trying to kill any shark above a couple of metres in length .


More people die from bee stings and a range of other animals but the media and people just loves a shark attack , and the ubiquitous photo of a Great White Shark lunging with mouth and jaw fully extended ,nearly always in colour ,covers the front pages.


Years ago we had a fatal shark attack about 3 kilometres north of my beach which resulted in this same frenzied attack on the sharks in the area to the extent that a community of Grey Nurse sharks just south of us was nearly wiped out , they are still there but local shark experts suggest that will eventually disapear , which is sad. They are wonderful creatures to see and even though they still frighten the daylights out of you when you first them , once you overcome the old flee reaction, you can spend hours just floating around and watching them.


The white pointer off Long Reef has been known in the area for years and has still not caused anyone any harm , as I used in my post the title , she was just having a look . The best way for them to "test" something is with their mouths and most injuries are caused when they taste and spit out.


I also think there is a realisation by people that swimming/using the ocean is not like swimming in the controled environment of a swimming pool , this is one of natures last frontiers .


I am not an expert on sharks but am aware that research shows we are not a favourite or even preferred food of sharks {not rich enough for the volume consumed}, most attacks are bite and let go unfortunately the damage caused is often fatal.


Research also shows that they do not "hunt" humans and attacks are opportunistic unlike the saltwater crocodile and the polar bear that will strategically hunt and consume humans as a food source.


Sharks are a protected species in Australian waters with quite a few on the endangered list.


Whats also gradually happening is the reduction in "demonising" the sharks and giving them cruel human characteristics .


Sharks swim , eat , sort of sleep and make baby sharks and thats about it. Not a lot of planning , it just happens.


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