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My Speedo works !!!


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It was jumping all around and I figured it was the cable binding up.

Put a new cable on. No joy.

Found the only new authorities speedo in the U.S.A. or Germany.

I installed it and borrowed the GPS off my LT to check accuracy.

Spot On !!!

No noise, no jumping, and this is the first BMW I've owned w/an accurate speedo !!! happy Christmas to me !!

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well, my dealer didn't have one. They looked and said that there were none in the U.S.

Then they tried Germany...Nope....two back ordered.

They called Germany who said "due around the end on January."

I sent email to all the dealers parts depts asking them to check stock.......nope....

Finally A&S in Roseville, CA responded with one.......

Authorities speedo, 120 mph , BMW part # 62122317738

Accurate to +/- 1 mph

I also bought a regular speedo before I found this one so if anyone wants a new 150 mph speedo BMW part # 62122306505..............

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What's Michael Phelps user name ?


Allen, Michael Phelps is an Olympic gold swimming champion, so the comment about him being interested in the "speedo" was a light-hearted joke.


Glad you were able to locate an accurate speedo for your ride.


John B

Yuba City, CA

'99 1100RT

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Thanx John

I had no idea who John Phelps was, but figured it was some sort of joke...now "speedo" make sense.




Do not feel bad. I just caught on myself...it must be an Oregonian thing to be a little slow to this type of humour.

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