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Earplug age question

Pennys Dad

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So how long does a pair of Az Al's custom earplugs last for, if they are used 5 days a week. The reason I am asking is I was at the Costa Mesa gun show with my son getting him a set of custom earplugs for riding and shooting. Anyhow, the earplug maker remarked that these custom plugs only last for 3 years with once a week usage. Whats everyone else's experience.

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Al uses medical grade silicone. Pretty much the best stuff you can use. He also seals it for added longevity. They are extremely flexible and perfectly molded to the ear. You would need to be quite reckless with them to damage them.


Let it be known though if you are currently undergoing massive weight loss like 60+ pounds your ears will shrink along with the rest of you!


This happened to Richard (Benicia RT-GT ) and he had to have Al make him a new pair as they were molded to his old ear canals.

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