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Cee Bailey's H//L guard install?


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I have a H/L protector un-used (came in box with other new unused parts)

I checked their website for install instructions but found none.

There is a package of round Velcro looking disc's and alcohol wipers but no directions??

It looks like it sticks on somehow, can anyone point me in the right direction?

I realize this sounds somewhat ridiculous ..But I don't want to botch it up as I have never seen one installed on a bike.


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E-mail the following address....I was answered by Steve so you might use his name....They will send you instructions.....

Basically, you mount the dual locks on the protector with the locks connected (put the male and female's together) and put them approx. 1/2" in from the edge on the Cee Bailey's protector.... align the protector exactly right and press it firmly on the headlight.....There are 4 points to put the locks on 1150's; in the upper, outside corners where it kind of comes to a point and one on each side of the bottom lip just after the shape bends towards the bottom, again all of them about 1/2" in from the edge of the protector.....There are two little bumpers also an they go in the middle, side to side at the top and bottom of the protector again, about 1/2" in from the edge..........Before placing the sticky things on clean surfaces well with a little alcohol and after sticking everything together don't mess with it for 24 hours...


When taking the protector off grasp it and rip it off quickly or you're liable to pull the adhesive loose somewhere...


That's about it...If you've got the patience e-mail Cee Bailey's and get the instructions for yourself....They are very helpful I've found....Also, if you e'mail them ask them to send you some extra 3M dual locks, handy to have as they do come off sometimes during removal and they won't re'stick....


Good luck clap.gif.....



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This is a gag - right?

LOL..Thats cold.




Thanks for taking the time to post a detailed explanation!

As I suspected, it apperars I am missing the bumpers you refered to. The box contained 5 Disclok's and 2 cleaner wipes. I'll send them an e-mail and see what the bumpers are about.


Thanks again thumbsup.gif

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Sorry dude - you threw out a curve ball and I had to take a rip at it...


I forgot about the little bumpers. I used two of them on the larger middle piece, but didn't use them on the side pieces. They come from CB on a little sheet, like those candies on a piece of paper you used to get as a kid.


If you can't wait, I think any little piece of clear plastic or rubber about 3 mm long would work - you could use a touch of rubber cement or something to fix them to the headlight. The bumpers keep the larger middle piece from flopping around, especially when it's parked at the BMW shop on Saturday morning and some dork poser who's there looking at BMW's walks up to your bike and starts poking at it. And then they tweak your throttle lock so you get on the bike and can't twist the throttle. I hate that...

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No problem on "Taking the Swing at the Curve Ball" smile.gif

The post was nearly as foolish sounding as an "Oil Thread"

I'll pick up some bumpers at the hardware store later.


Would you happen to know if an "O" ring will work on the grip (cheapo friction lock)like they do on some other bikes?

I don't want to spend the $$$ for a ThrottleMiester® sp? just yet

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This is a gag - right?



Glad it wasn't a curve ball..Wanted to help..I dug out my instructs and, with a couple glasses of wine posted them...(Had to rewrite a few items after I read it over thanks to the grape)....Anyway, my "little bumpers" never touch the headlight glass anyway as these protectors aren't made perfectly and are slightly warped......Sure Cee Bailey's will send some if asked; they sent me about 6 extra 3M dual locks from an e-mail request.....




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