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XM Radio Question - no FM radio


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I want to add an XM satellite radio unit to my R1150RT. At the moment the bike has no radio.


I wish to install an FM radio unit without an antenna so I can access XM?. I have no plans to use the radio for anything other than listening via earbuds.


Can any advise if this set-up will work? I am guessing most any small FM car type radio would do (that's a question too).



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For earbud listening, no radio is needed. The earbuds plug right in to the XM car dock. If you need more volume you can add an inline amplifier from radio shack.


Another option is a small portable FM radio on your person, then you need not be tethered to the XM head unit.


There's a guy in CA that makes the amplirider and another more simple inline amp. http://www.electric-avenues.com/amplirider.html

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If you connect an FM modulator to your XM radio, it will transmit to an FM station of your choice. You then set the battery powered portable to an FM station that is not being used, set the XM to that station and ........receive XM in your ear buds.


1. you need a good FM modulator with a wide range of stations

I use an itrip modulator. Costs about $80 but you can find for $29 if you look. Works great including sending MP3 to my radio on board the LT. ( I never used the portable radio option)

2. as you travel unused station numbers change and you have to reset it all.

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actually, Stephen, I told you wrong.

I use the FM modulator for my MP3...your XM receiver has a built in modulator. Just tune the portable to an unused station and the XM to the same station and you're there.

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XM modulation quality varies by location and dial clutter.

Finding unsued freq is an issue at times.

You can use a Mix-It and add phone GPS and XM w/amp for plenty of power.

Adding a radio to an RT is time and $$$ you don't need to spend.

Better to invest in quality earphones like Er6i.

If you have a passenger, get an Autocom and run the whole deal thru there.

Best wishes.

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