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Some good news in the end


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We just had our savings returned onto our bank account, after an unhealthy 'outing' to Iceland. Now where do we put it..... in a sock, under the bed, in the oven.. no wait...... :dopeslap:


Needless to say it is a major relief after having seen our 'pension' being hijacked like this.


How long it is going to last us in the current climate is another matter, but something we'll worry about later. ;) (Friends have proposed to bury a large fuel tank in our garden and fill it up with 98 Octane :grin::grin::grin: ).

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(Friends have proposed to bury a large fuel tank in our garden and fill it up with 98 Octane grin grin grin ).


Be sure to add lots of "Stabil" (or whatever they call fuel stabilizer over there). :clap:



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Derr Mr. Fracoisn,

As a jesur of gratitude that you have been resotred of you monkeys

in fact of doing business I can rest your assuridly that our gaols are mutual and compacitcle.

Safe, of coarse.

Highly rated return for all investment special is your good fortune today.

When you deposit the tranaction in our fund your worries have yet to return.

One day very soon the dreams of wealth you will realize tomorrow while you can continue to dream today.

I will not be dreaming, no, I will work hard for your dream and continue to make you realize that only happiness is on the road when you come to the fork, so take it.

This limited opportunity to investors sucha s you, Mr. Frasmoic, will be umnatched by any udder company.

Please contact my office in joyfulous anticipation of taking your money.


Congratulations on your good news.


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This is such good news, Francois, glad to hear that they returned rather than just shrugged it off as bad luck to the people who put their trust and savings in their hands.

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Thanks for your good wishes everybody! :thumbsup::thumbsup: I don't have to sell the RT now.. (not that anybody would buy it these days !)

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