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Nevada County Food and Toy Run


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Just a quick note on a fantastic ride my daughter and I (her first) went on yesterday...the Nevada County Food and Toy Run beginning in Nevada City and ending at the fairgrounds in Grass Valley, Northern Cal. They were expecting 2000 bikers and it looked like it...with about 1900 of them Harleys and 1995 of the riders in leathers...we really stood out and took a few good natured pokes about it. The local LEO's had the route blocked off with people lining the route waving while we, primarily my daughter, waving back. I did see a few RTs and GSs (other than my own), some Honda's the occasional sport bike but mostly brightly polished and adorned Harleys.

It was her first time on the back of a bike and was somewhat scared at first but once we were on the road for a bit she began to relax and enjoyed the outing...priceless! At the fairgrounds finish area, where we were dropping off the gifts, they had lots of kids from the supported charities handing out handmade thankyou cards and they really expressed an appreciative attitude...a great event I'll try to participate in years to come. I have a couple pics to post with this but can't figure out how.







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