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New seat and rack for GS--seat sliding question

Joe F

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Hi Hexheads:


I am shipping my GS to Houston by Forward air and riding it back to Seattle in early Sept. I plan to toss the rear seat and rack and replace with the following:




I am taking the seat to Rich's Custom seats



--and will ask that he extend it a bit over the rack and add gel and leather. I don't know what he will say about that, but I like to slide back during long trips.


Anyway, I don't really like the standard rough seat material. I agree it is super for weatherproofing, but I like to slid around a bit in the corners.


Am I crazy or just don't know any better? Comments or suggestion (preferred) are welcome.



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Not sure how you're going to get back much further with the rider's seat because of the height difference in the framing. But hey, it'll be an interesting experiment!

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$220!!!! I dunno why but that seems killer.


FWIW, Jesse makes a plate that snaps in place of the passenger seat for $95.

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