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Adjust mirrors ?


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My LT uses washers under the bolts that the mirrors attach to for adjusting the space between fairing and mirror body.

I notice that my RT has no such washers and the mirrors fit tightly against the fairing.

Is this the usual case ?

It almost feels like an extra bit of engagement, mirror to bolts, would help secure them but........???

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Mine is a year 2000, but, as far as I know, that is normal for all the RT's.


If you're worrying about their popping off at inopportune times (it does happen), many of us pop them loose, then fasten the mirror pod to the fairing with a bit of cord, fishline, cable-tie, what-have-you, shove the excess into the fairing cavity, and pop the mirror assembly back on. That way, if it should get popped-off during riding, you haven't lost it. It'll just dangle there until you can safely pull over and re-attach it.

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Allan, the 1100/1150RT mirrors snap up pretty tight to the side fairings.. None of my bikes have had spacer washers under the mirror studs & I don’t show any offered in my parts diagram..


I have seen the mirrors spaced out on an 1150RT (not sure how they accomplished that) to allow wires to run through the gap to driving lights added at the mirror area of the fairing..


Those mirrors stay on pretty good if the studs & sockets are not greased (those things sometimes get greased by a well meaning technician & that can lead to a retention problem)..


On my RT’s I usually ran a safety cable between the bike’s mirror bracket & the mirror housing.. I would find a place on the inner mirror housing that would allow the mirror to hang without hitting the fairing plastic then drill a small hole in the inner mirror housing lip at that location then attach the safety cable using a small cable tie..




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