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Won't Start/No Spark


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Never Fails, Get the K back running, now the R decides to give me grief and strand me. Ran just fine this morning. Dry ride to town, sat outside all day like normal, go to leave, won't fire. Starter turns over fine, no issues with the RID or Tach. All fuses OK, pulled a plug, grounded it to the engine, No Sparky. Could be the HES, but kind of doubt it. It's been in the pouring rain numerous times before with no ill affects. I can hear the fuel pump (or maybe it's the ABS)cycle upon turning the key on, all lights work fine. Coils? don't think that would be possible with only 37,000 Miles?



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Well after doing a more in depth search thing on this forum, and looking at all the posting regarding the HES on these machines, seems that is what the problem is with the R (just as it was with the K)..what a stroke of coincidence that each machine would suffer the same plight within a weeks time of getting one fixed, and the other fails... :(

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