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Don't post all of the old pictures of yourself.


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waylap's thread got me thinking it would be fun to see some pictures posted without knowning who was in the pictures. We could then try to figure out who was pictured.


Sooo...if you'd like something like that posted, PM the picture to me, and I'll post it in this thread. It'll be up to you to let on who was in the picture...or just keep 'em guessing indefinately.

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Neat idea but I see some issues with it.

It can only work with people that are known, have real names and attend events or get togethers.


It would be extremely difficult to figure out a person that has never been seen before.


Personally I think that's ok as I tend to gravitate towards real people and not faceless internet users with empty profiles.


Some info will be needed I would think, like state or province of the person.


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How about old and new pictures posted scrambled together? Old pictures assigned numbers and new pictures letters. Provide a master link page with all photos and see who gets the most right.

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Keep the ideas coming. I've got one picture ready to go. With everyone's suggestions we should be able to work out some of the kinks.



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