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Ham antenna mount??


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I did a search on this but got too many hits to sort through. I just traded for another R1200RT and want to mount my 2m/440 antenna. I know someone on the board previously made these and wonder if they still do or if anyone has one they want to part with. I could probably fabricate something myself, but I know it would not be as good. My antenna of choice is a Diamond with NMO mount, but could switch to a UHF connector if necessary to get the mount.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I sent you an e-mail. Looks like you have an R1150RT and not sure it would fit the R1200RT. If you can take a picture of it and e-mail it to me, that would help.


Anyone else have additional suggestions/comments would be appreicated.

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Click on my siganture below then photo albums then Yaesu FTM-10, I use a Diamond luggage rack mount. It's been on this bike for a few years now. Also there's a schematic to interface an Autocom to the FTM-10, It's very similar to the Echolink or PSK31 form of interface.


BTW: My setup works great, reports I get from repeaters is, I would have never guessed you where on a motorcycle riding down the road at 60mph.


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Thanks Dennis. I saw that at one other time...perhaps on the old Yahoo FTM group. I was looking for something that looks a bit more stock and have the dealer getting the info on the RTP mounts.


I have an FTM-10R mounted on my RR bike which is up north and interfaced to the autocomm. Iv'e gotten good reports on mine as well, and when I am up in the mountains where we spend the summers, the amateur radio is crucial because you often have no cell coverage at all.


I thought about an RTP as well, but prefer the look/bags of the RT. I've had several in the past.


I know someone on the board made mounts some time back, but not sure he ever fabricated one for the R1200RT.


Thanks for the comments.


Dan, N0DC

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Toolman is who you are searching for. He hasn't been on the board for a while, I'm not sure he's checking PMs. I have his email at the office. I'll get you a PM tomorrow.


The mounts he had made up are for the 1150. I'm not sure if they'll work right on the 1200. I have one and could take some measurements if you like.

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Darrell, I think that is the one I remember. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, would appreciate the measurements. I've made mounts before, and they look like an old retired accountant with shaky hands made them. Oh, I guess that's me! I prefer to have something that looks like it belongs on the bike.


Thanks again.

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