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tapping valves?


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Let me start by saying that I'm new to BMW motorcycles and motorcycles that need regular valve adjustments. So, if my question seems like a dumb one, you'll know why.


I have a '04 R1150RT with 7800 miles (bought it last month with 6800). Recently, I've noticed a clicking sound, you might even call it a tapping sound, when accelerating hard. I don't start hearing the sound until around 5,000RPMS. I hear it the loudest when opening it up in 6th gear. It's not a rhythmic tapping sound, sort of like: tap.......tap, tap, tap.......tap. dopeslap.gif


Is this the sign that a valve adjustment is needed? Dealer said they did it at 6,000 miles. Bike runs fine. Smooth and doesn't surge. Sometimes when decelerating the exhaust pops (sign of a lean condition?). Shoudl I woory or just ride the damn thing?




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Joe Frickin' Friday

Your description sounds dead-on for combustion knock. As long as it's only happening sporadically and at high loads (like you describe), things are fine. Put some ear plugs in. crazy.gif


Mine started knocking horribly around 40K miles when I changed to the GS intake tubes. I took the heads off and cleaned the carbon out, but the knock came back (tho not as severe) 10K miles later. I took one head off again, along with a cylinder and piston, and checked all the dimensions. Everything was fine, which meant the knock wasn't damaging anything.


Now have over 100K miles, engine's still strong.


Keep riding. cool.gif

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I`m also new on the BMW. Doing the bed in as speaking. I have 800km on my bike now and going in for service next thursday.


I also notise som tapping noise but it is there at all RPM`s (1000-4000). Not loud ,but notisable. Kind of nice actually.


Another nois is when the engine is real hot, then it makes more deeper knocking noises. But not very loud. Maybe it will be better after changing oil. Heard that they use thiner oil for the break-in period, don`t know if it is right!? Anyone knowing?

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