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I know, everybody's got 'em :P....At least if you've got any wood in your house.....Been trying to treat them myself for quite a while in localized areas and not having much luck...Still getting their little pellets in the garage.....So I'm now going to get some professional help but don't want to tent.....

Looking for input about alternative methods of control like orange oil, electric treatment (?) or freezing or ?....

Any comments appreciated.......

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My home is over 100 years old. So yeah we got some issues. I have a few live colonies that I have found while doing my kitchen remodel. Since I was in there I knew I would need to do some surgery. All I can tell you is that if you see pellets you can not imagine the carnage inside! Would you like to see some pics of the wood I have cut out to show just how much?

Calling a expert is advised.


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Dave McReynolds

When I had termites several years ago, I hired a company that put a barrier around the house, which consisted of holes drilled about a foot apart all the way around the house, injected with poison, I guess. Seems to have worked, and a side benefit is that we don't get any more ants in the house.

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The house is about 16 years old and there is a plastic barrier over the slab so I'm not to (too?) worried about subterranian termites....Mine little friends (that I can see) are up high.... I have dug out some wood in the infestation areas to try and get to them with the spray so I know the damage that is under there....Will have to replace some eave facia later........



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Hi Phil. Did you also drill into the wood with a 1/8 bit and inject the fluid into the wood? Surface spray is not enough to get the flying type. The pros don"t guarantee a local treatment but sometimes it works.

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I am a professional.

Small hard six-sided fecal pellets come from drywood termites. You can kill these guys by spraying them with orange oil, shooting them with an electro-gun, or shooting them with liquid nitrogen. WD-40 also works well.

The problem is finding and contacting all of these crypto biotic insects in the structure.

Vikane gas was developed some fifty years ago as a less expensive method of fighting these termites than tearing out stucco and lumber to get to them. A properly performed tent job with either heat or Vikane is the only whole house method of extermination.

The state of California has had to hold up its prosecution of the orange oilers due to the Gov taking the testing funding for immediate use elsewhere. The Freezers are for the most part closed down. The electro-gunners generally use pesticides along with their treatments.

If you want to go with a local spot treatment approach, Termidor (same chemical as in Frontline for dogs) injections has proved to work very well.

If your infestations truly appear to be local, this is the way to go.

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Thanks you guys....All responses appreciated and to also have a pro's input is really great........Thanks Steve :wave:...

The problem is getting the termite killer liquid to the little buggers....They just seem to have gone crazy in the last month or so...Those little poop pellets are localized in a few areas but I can't seem to get it to them....I will look for Termidor (assuming it is available to the public) and go after them again..Will also use hole drilling Frank and really saturate the areas...Don't want to tent as I have some plants next to the house under a patio cover that I don't want to zap....Will have to do it someday though.....

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