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Report from the Road


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Portland is a sweet memory now, as are the many places Ive inhabited over my lifetime in search of the great new song that always seems to be waiting for me somewhere deep in my heart.

Seattle has a thick soupy fog that makes it difficult to see just a few feet ahead, but easy to see yourself. The great waters of the puget sound are filled with little islands that in the distance seem like little stones skipping through the fog.

The constant whistles of the portland rail system have been replaced by the deep fog horns of ships coming to port.

The trip here was easy and hard. The truck of recording gear unloaded and ready to be wired after a week of preparation.

Life is one beautiful magnificent dream. Im old and Im tired, and Ill kick the crap out of anyone who tries to wake me up.

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Give my best to Seattle, love that city (and I'm not a city person!) and the surrounding area. Some of our very best friends live and work there !


Hope you find your song !

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