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Wild Fire rages through Iowa.


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They may need Federal assistance.


The one man entertainment center known as "hANNAbONE" is a year older.



Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Larry, Louise, Jay, Tiffany, Rhoda, Rita, Rusty, Monty, and Newmann



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Happy Birthday BDG!!!!!


Hope you have a great one!!!!!!!!!


























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wOW...you cats sure do know how to get to a guys heart.! Many thanks for sharing your well wishes with me on my "...I can't drive 55..." day.!




yuppa...fifty freekin' five, daddy-o


I feel like kissing a camel or somethin' -


miss all of you and hope to see ya this coming May (maybe!!??)


Torrey anyone..?


Blessings and thanks

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bONE Man!!!


Sorry so late to the party. But none the less, Happy BDay to ya.. :thumbsup:


Great seein' you at the UN last summer. Wicked fun, yes?


We'll be pickin' you up on the way to New Hampshire my friend...




(still sportin' the sticker you laid on me.)

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i lAID a sticker on ya???


O - O - O - I GAVE you a sticker...that ''laid'' word had me going for a sec....


Okay - the New Hampshah thingie might be in the cards for me too.


Unless, of course I head out to Lodi, CA for a romp with my friend and then head back eastbound and down. wOOhOO

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mANY tHANKS to all of you for my "...I can't Drive 55..." birthday -


Now, to get rid of this 3" snow and ice crap that's is all over us at present.


Damned depressing, I tell ya.!

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