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My Grand Tour of Italy pt 3 of 3


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Leg Five

A few weeks later, I took a ride clear across Illinois to a Moto Guzzi shop. There used to be one in Terre Haute that also sold BMW’s, but it has long passed away. That left me with South Bend, or Edwardsville IL. I chose the IL shop because I could ride across on old US 40, seeing the more scenic views, and I could stop in Arcola on the way back. Besides, there is little to see in northern IN.




The Edwardsville Guzzi shop is in an old Pizza Hut building, which seemed appropriate for a dealer that has only Italian bikes and scooters. Nice folks over there, they even twisted my arm and “forced” me test ride a used ’07 Norge. WOW!!! What an experience, I think I have found our next touring bike.




After that it was time to head back towards home, with a stop in Arcola. Arcola is closely associated with Amish, but it is named after the Italian town of Arcola. Obviously Italian immigrants were here well ahead of the Amish.




Leg Six

Suddenly the cold weather was upon us, and it was only late October. If I was going to finish this tour, I’d better get my butt in gear. Vacation time was at a premium, so I took a weekend day. All of my remaining locations were a good ways off, or so I thought. I knew of two close to home I had been saving just in case. As it turns out, there was a third just a few miles away. That made the remaining few I needed, close enough to grab in an afternoon.


So after waiting for the weather to clear (that damn Honda still won’t run right in the rain) I was off for the last few. First stop was Alta IN, where there were no signs of any type to document my location. I took a shot of the bike, and then the screen of the gps. There has to be a better way, but for now….




Back to Clinton again, and Bella Lake subdivision. Lots are available!




Through Clinton, over the Wabash and here is Numa. No signs again.




Now for the long haul to Owen County and the little town of Vandalia.




On east to Modesto, and once again no dang signs. I did meet a friendly dog while there.




Then it was time to head northeast and find Amo IN. I knew where it was, more or less, but apparently I took the wrong left (i.e. a right) and missed it. After a fuel stop in Danville and rechecking the gps, I found it.




That was the last of the tour. There were more locations on my list, but I had the minimum required. I did not make it to Milan (rich in Indiana basketball history) as I had hoped, or Rome, or Rome City, or many of the other remaining towns I had as potentials. But I will go to a few later in my travels, just to say I have. I’m always looking for a reason/excuse to ride off anyway.



All in all I had a blast. My 53 year old body, combined with my 32 year old 750 Hondamatic motorcycle hindered me from any real long distance days, but I did manage to cover some decent distances. That first section I did was a tad over 400 miles, and I felt it for a few days after, but it wasn’t all that bad either. Researching the destinations then going to them was a real hoot, especially after the addition of the gps. I did not have to rely on less than detailed maps to find my way. (No it had nothing to do with my bifocals, it was the fine print) Would/will I do another? You better believe it. I am already looking forward to see what Grand Tours the AMA offers next year. I might even do more than one at a time to mix it up a little. And while I probably won’t win the new Norge, I didn’t expect to anyway, I feel that by just completing the minimum requirements makes me a winner.



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I like the idea of a BMWST Tour.

How many member's homes can you ride to and take a picture with them?


Marty is excluded from any prizes, but may participate.

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Very nice reports and great pictures. I like that concept.

You'll love it even more if you go to a real Italy though.... :)

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I like the idea of a BMWST Tour.

How many member's homes can you ride to and take a picture with them?


Marty is excluded from any prizes, but may participate.


but marty doesn't use his camera (much) so he has to start over.

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