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Elf-Pegs on the 1200 RT???


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Just mount a set, haven't ridden far yet.. They fit and look good, will report on riding impressions when I get back on the road..

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I'm using J-Pegs on my ST, which I think are similar to the Elf's. Ordered here. No particular reason for choosing J over Elf, I just found them first. They are very well made and no one even notices them on the bike.


On my ST they are in a slightly awkward position, a little too high. But, while droning out highway miles they have proved very helpful in giving me a second seating position to relieve pressure points.

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Fellow Ft Worth club member and new RT12 owner has them and loves 'em


You talking about Jerry?


The Guy that invented the J Pegs and Elf Pegs is my BMW Tech. Nice guy and his sister in Austin runs the company, The father makes the product and Mom helps at the Rallys, a great family business and a nice group of people.

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Me thinks to spring for a set of these head-mounted pegs before I try my first SS1000 ride in a couple of months.

Does anybody know what the difference is between the j-pegs and the elfs?

They appear the same and are the same price.

If the same chap invented both, whuffo the two products / names?


Also, are the mounts for these things REALLY secure? To the attach to existing bolt holes? Having one come off at speed might be a bit sporting.


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Don't know the answer to your first question.


They are as secure as your valve-cover. They don't use any boltholes. The spark-plug slot is keyholed, and the pegs clamp into this keyhole with 4 small bolts connecting the two piece mounting system. Too hard to explain, so I attached a picture. The only way they'd fall off is if the valve cover broke, came off, or the 4 bolts broke.


My only concern with this mounting system is how much stress is the valve cover designed to take. With the pegs extended your feet have a lot of leverage against the covers.


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I'm using the "Sahara" (J-peg's) on my R1200RT.. They work GREAT!! I have a 34" inseam, and with the seat in the high position they create a near perfect (nothing is truly perfect) legs forward seating position.. with feet on the extend Sahara pegs, the bike is controlable 2 up through the twisties and provides a welcome stretch for the legs..


I can use the pegs to push back and change my seating, but I wouldn't recommend putting your full weight against them..


Craftman ship is great, and though they co$t a bit, are well worth it if you spend long hours in the saddle.



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I'm using the "Sahara" (J-peg's) on my R1200RT..

I may be wrong here (and it would not be the first time dopeslap.gif) but there is no such thing as a set of J-Pegs for the Boxer engine.

J-Peg is the name given to the fold out hi way pegs that fit the K1200LT.

Elf-Pegs is the name given to the ones for the Boxer engine.


Here is a quote from Cycle Gadgets on the Elf-Pegs page.


Jarad, the designer of the J-Peg, has worked his magic for the R-Bike crowd. As with his design for the K12LT, the new "Elf-Pegs" fold in and disappear when not in use, and swing out easily to provide a comfortable foot rest to allow you to stretch your legs out. For those of us with knee problems, highway pegs can literally double the number of miles we can ride in a sitting.


This is the J-Pegs page.

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Can the pegs be popped out with your foot while riding or do you have to stop to get them open?


Yup, they have a little lip that appears to be designed just for this purpose.


I can also very easily just reach down with my hands and pull them out, at least on my ST. I don't know on the RT.

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Can the pegs be popped out with your foot while riding or do you have to stop to get them open?


Yes, there is a slight lip you can get your boot on to flip them out.. awkward at first, but after awhile it becomes second nature.. And Mike is correct, they are Elf pegs, not J-pegs. Either way, they work great on the bike.



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