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Self Induced Cruise Control Problem


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Just want to let the folks who use the GPS service connector as a trigger source for a relay not to short out the other 2 wires.


You have 3 wires one is hot (which can be used as the trigger), the other is ground and the third is used as dead reconning for the BWM SPIII GPS.


When I upgraded to my Zumo i cleaned up the orginal wiring, as i had to replace the previous wiring for the Zumo wiring.


Long story short if you short those two out you will loose your Cruise Control.


You will not have any CanBus warnings, also the startup sequence will work fine, the problem is that when you turn on the cruise you will get the red light on the handlebar control but when you hit the set switch it will not set.


So the moral of the story is tie off the two unused wiring and you will be all set.



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Good catch!


In my opinion it is much better to use the parking light wire as the trigger source for the relay. While it is harder to get at, you don't need to go through the hassle of identifying wires and then getting it wrong.



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