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Jennings... Look what some of you taught me!!!


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OK so Huzband broke the ice... I was just busy all day.


Anyway, as Danny said, we have a sport touring school down here 1 time a year. Did I mention this was a sport touring school, not a racing school? I treated this as an opportunity to improve on skills I have learned. This picture was taken just before turn 13 which is kind of like a sweeper. This was my 2nd session on the track, which in my opinion was my best.






The cool thing was early in the morning, it was about 35 degrees when we started, and Nate Kern was telling us all to lean with our bodies, not force the bike. He was telling us to "Ride Smart"! How exciting was that!!! My only not so happy time of the day, was when an instructor (who races and rides off road) was trying to tell me to keep my elbows up not down and relaxed! I wanted to say "hey that's not ride smart!". Luckily, another ride smart person was there, so I confirmed with him during the down time. I never got to see Matt because of our conflicts.


Great day! Like I said, I used this to improve my road skills, not to learn to turn fast laps!!



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It's in ride well, not ride tales, so I hope comments are ok. Actually, I've got a question, since I'm not so far along myself as to have a strong opinion on this. Hopefully we both learn something. I'm wondering if others think in the first picture you are looking down towards the ground a hair much? Otherwise, looks like perfect form to me. :thumbsup:

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I don't know that I was looking down, but understand what you are saying. if you could have seen how my head position was only 6 months ago, you would see a great improvement. I think I still need to work on keeping my head upright, and that is more the issue.

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Sharon and I noticed when Danny posted the rest of his pictures that it looked everyone was doing that. Might be something in the eay the turn is, or how photographer was set up.


See the pictures from Danny's part deux at turn 13.

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