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Aftermarket Windsheild Problems/Solutions


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Earlier this year (July), I replaced the stock windshield on my 2008 K1200GT with a V-Stream unit. I have replaced a windshield on an RT and the installation went very smoothly. I was able to install the V-Stream on the GT, but it took more time than I thought it should. I guess you could say the fit was less than perfect, but it went on. I have run the V-Stream about 6000 miles. At one point, the mounting brackets/torque screws appeared to be loose so I tightened them. Now, I have small cracks radiating out from two of the mounting holes. Anyone had this problem on an aftermarket windshield? I backed the screws off a bit, but now I am wondering if I could have a catastropic failure of the windshield. That would suck and could ruin you whole day/trip. Based on info I got from this forum, I am thinking about replacing it with an AeroFlow windshield. Anyone have much experience with AeroFlow? Their site indicates that they are indorsed by the Iron But folks.<<<>>>>

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I've been using an Aeroflow and it's pretty good but have been thinking of replacing it with a V-Stream when it wears a little more.

I get pretty good protection from it but it's a bit of a sail at highway speeds. Sometimes I feel like I'm dragging an anchor with it all the way up.

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I have had an Aeroflow on my RT and was pretty happy with it until I found the Cee Bailey #2. The Aeroflow did a great job of wind protection, but it was very thin and wobbled a lot in strong crosswinds. It was also VERY quiet. The Cee Bailey #2 is very solid and provides great protection during the warm months. It is also very quiet and I don't get any head bobble off of it. With the Euro cut I look right over the top. I also have the larger Cee Bailey shield for the colder months. This shield is about the same size and design as the Aeroflow, but once again it is much more thick and solidly built. You can't go wrong with a Cee Bailey windshield.


I hope this helps you!



Terry :Cool:



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I am happy with the Ceebaily, It does change the looks of the bike to some degree. It certainly puts a big wall in front of you when you raise it up. I would get a slightly smaller one next time.

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Great luck here with two different Vs on RTs. If y ou are certain that the fiber washers are intact and were properly installed, I would suggest contacting V-stream and ask about a warranty replacement. It is too much money to have to replace the screen every 6k !

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