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OEM Antenna Installation 08RT


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I recently installed a Sony Radio on my 08RT in lieu of the OEM BMW ($ 2K) radio and I ordered the BMW antenna for a stock look. The parts fiche shows a "earth cable" with the antenna but the BMW antenna kit from the BMW dealer did not include the earth cable.


The dealer went ahead and ordered one for me but could someone kindly tell me where the other end connects to the bike. I assume it connects to one of the extra holes in the upper front right frame but I would like to be sure. Many Thanks.

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It connects to a fastener on the fairing frame. Here's a picture. I installed HID ballasts in that space so don't pay any attention to the other wires.




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Thanks a bunch. The absence of the earth cable and mounting bracket from the parts kit makes me think they may no longer use it. Funny thing is though, they still charged the same price for the kit without the cable & bracket as they would have with them.

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