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Starter Squeaks


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The past few days the start has starter to make a squeaking noise when starting. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm thinking about taking out the starter and lubricating the shaft.

Almost sounds like the gear is binding on the starter shaft.

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Had this on my 2005 RT and had the starter replaced under warranty.... but I guess that's too late for you now.


It's not normal and I have an idea I have seen some threads on the site about this. You might try a search





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This happened on my 05. The starter was replaced under warranty. If you do a search here you will see a few others had the same problem. Mine was like this for a year and got progressively worse. However it never caused the bike not to start nor did it ever seem like the starter was dragging. Just very annoying.


I did find instructions somewhere on the web on how to take the starter apart and what to lubricated to solve this problem on the previous generation bikes. I suspect that the same procedure would work here but unfortunately I do not have a link.

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Ther is some info about lubing your stater. Requires removing and dismantling and doing mechanical stuff involving grease. My 2000RTP was starting to do the squeak thing when I got rid of it.

I think it's the Sprag thingy that hangs up. After a bunch of years and miles it starts to complain.

Time for a new bike!

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