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All ABS III bikes to be verified world-wide


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Has anyone else heard about this? I still haven't found an english site talking about it, but the French site Moto Net quotes a press release from BMW.


Apparently concerns possible failure when brakes are applied rapidly and completely in succession.



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STL RT Rider

hmm ... sorry, I don't read French too well.


BMW has nothing on their site ... but then they wouldn't. Bad press.

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STL RT Rider

Found this on a Google search ...


The German justice department will investigate if BMW put motorcycles in the market which have brakes which don't function as they should be.


BMW is since mid 2004 well known with these brake failures.

Four accidents happened at safety training.

Since 2001, 250.000 ABS-BMW’s are produced.

The combination: multiple emergency stops and a weak battery can cause brake failure (according BMW).

ABS needs a lot of energy, when doing multiple emergency stops, power can be short.

Problem also lies in the “brake-force-intensifier” (don’t know the exact English word for it –sorry-) :a shortage of power, than no “b-f’-i”, and no ABS.

BMW stated there is no need for a recall, or to change its current ABS-brake system.

Experts say BMW must do a recall.

Older BMW’s with ABS are more dangerous, than newer one’s.

BMW stated that they informed the dealers, some dealers say : ???


Read the full story at the Pelican forum

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Ok, here's my (rough) translation of the French article on Moto Net:


BMW verifies Integral ABS on 260,000 models in the World


BMW invites all owners of an Integral ABS motorcycle produced since 2001 to a free verification of the braking system at their dealer.


"This measure will start in a couple of weeks and will be free for clients", detailed the bavarian constructor in a communiqué published in Munich, adding that the invitation was for BMW clients "in the entire world until April 30, 2006".


For Herbert Diess, the director of BMW Motorrad, this offer is part of the security philosophy of the company : "We have put on the market the most modern and safe braking system in the world, and this has been proven by independent tests. With this offer of a free verification, we want to reassure worried clients."


Several cases of disfunction have in effect been indicated during tests done by journalists.


"This disfunction can arrive when braking very quickly and very brutally, combined with a drop in voltage in the electrical system", assures BMW who affirms never having had knowledge of this kind of situation in normal driving.


All the owners of a BMW with ABS produced after 2001 (260,000 models in the world) should shortly receive a letter with an addition to the user's manual, as well as "important guidelines for training for security on the track" and a reminder of "the importance of regular maintenance of the motorcycle".


For it's side, the Association of French BMW riders (AFMB) believes that "in the case of assisted ABS III, the residual braking offers in principal a stopping distance completely safe unless the brake lever is badly adjusted".


In this case, the problem can become "really dangerous", believes the association, who maintains it's request that BMW provides "the braking distances in residual mode for the four forward braking lever positions, for each one of the specified speeds (50, 70, 90, 110 and 130 km/h) and for each generation of assisted ABS III, so that each rider can be informed and that he/she will know whether or not he runs a risk depending on the adjustment of his/her brake lever.".


As well, according to our informants, the General Direction of competition, consumption and fraud suppression (DGCCRF) could soon open an enquiry into "abnormally long" braking distances in residual mode while the braking lever for the front brakes is in position 1.




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STL RT Rider

Russ, thanks for the translation!


I'll wait and ask my dealer about it, but I'm not too concerned, considering the problem appears to only pop up when you're pounding the heck out of the brakes in a parking lot training class.

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Well, the only action I'm going to take (besides getting the braking system checked out of course), is to change the position of the brake lever to be as far from the bar as possible, so IF I ever am in a situation of using only the residual braking, I'll at least have the maximum of that.



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