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Heavy clutch R1200RT


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I have my bike in at the dealers today and got a loan bike with 400 miles on it. Mine has 27K miles and 20 months old.

I noticed the clutch lever was incredibly light on the loan bike and just wondered whether my heavier clutch is a natural occurence over time or whether bleeding the clutch line would help to restore lightness?


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I don't think bleeding would help. Air bubbles won't make the clutch heavier feeling. It's more likely something is binding. Maybe hte lever pivot bolts is too tight, or a cylinder rod is bent. I'm guessing it's mechanical, not speciafically the hydralics.

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I noticed a bit of red dust around the pivot on my ST Friday while I was sqirting a little Silicon spray in to shut the rubber boot sqeak up for a bit. I dropped a little ACF50 on the pivit to kepp it lubes, done the Brake lever as well, just a drop enough to let it soak in and lube the pivot.


No difference to the clutch action mind.


Just a though, what about lever span? If the span is adjusted so it's quite wide if my thinking is correct it'll be a little harder to pull?



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