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r1100rtp spoked wheels


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I have a set of r1100rtp spoked wheels (Which happen to be for sale) and I have a question about fitment.


I had them on an 1150gs for a very short time. The original ad from A&S BMW says they will fit all 1100RT's.

see here: [url= http://www.ascycles.com/detail.aspx?ID=43290][/url]


These spoked RTP wheels have the rotor attached to the wheel and I am getting mixed answers as to whether a reg. RT has the rotor attached to the wheel or FD.


On an 11RT does the rotor fit on the wheel or FD. If it is the FD is it just a matter of removing the rotor from the wheel?

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On an 11RT does the rotor fit on the wheel or FD. If it is the FD is it just a matter of removing the rotor from the wheel?


I am interested in these wheels. In general, I think spoke wheels are better than cast mags. Stronger and rebuildable. In fact the front 3-spoke on my R1100RT has a bend in the lip. Probably something I could move back into place with some heat and a press. But these 3-poke wheels, in particular, are kinda soft. One pothole and you are looking at straightening or replacing a wheel...or worse, a loss of tire pressure.


But, having owned both an '00 R1150GS and an R1100RT, I cannot see how the rear would fit due to the rotor. I guess it is possible to remove the rotor from the GS hub and it will clear the FD-mounted RT rotor and bolt straight up. But it seems to me that the wheel offset would then be different...unless the RT caliper offset is greater than the GS caliper offset. In other words, if on both bikes the caliper has the same offset relative to the hub, the GS rotor-to-hub mounting points and the RT FD-to-rotor mounting points would be occupying the same plane.







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My link above doesn't seem to work. If you google A&S RTP wheels you can find the complete ad. Here is the text from the ad. Clearly states they are a direct swap and they were taken off to put mags on so it must work somehow.



*NLA* BMW Wire Wheel Conversion Kit


Price: $1,461.50




Keywords: R1100RT, WebSpecial, R1150GS/Adv


*No Longer Available*

Limited to stock on hand, we have these spoked wheel kits which were fitted to RTP units (police bikes). These are a direct bolt on kit and include everything needed including... rims (front and rear), hubs, bearings, spokes, tire valve, disc brakes, disc brake bolts, ABS Sensor ring, 3.0 calibrated speedometer drive and a new centerstand (taller) to accomodate the change in rim size from the stock size.


Your stock cast aluminum rims on an R1100RT accomodate 120/70/17 tires for the front and 160/60/18 for the rear tire. These rims differ in size from stock. The front rim is an 18" rim which accomodates a 110/80/18 front tire. The rear rim is a 17" rim which accomodates a 150/70/17 tire. This is the reason for the inclusion of a taller centerstand in the kit.


These are take-offs from an R1100RT-P with little to no miles on them. They are perfectly round and barely used at all so they are considered used but in great shape. Since they were mounted to an R1100RT-P, we know this spoked wheel kit fits all the years of a BMW R1100RT and only an R1100RT (will not fit an R1150RT).


Will also fit an R1150GS with non integral brakes.


Remember, A&S only ships to the US and Canada




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