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new bmw seat coming for R1200RT

frank murphy

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My local dealer said there is a new seat available for the rt that is lower than the standard. After dropping my bike twice in the last year (once at the dealership - very embarassing) I realize the need for something different that will allow me to keep both feet flat on the ground when stopping or trying to back-up. Can anyone help or advise to this relative newbie?

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I bought my 08 with the low seat option. The low seat was great ... but seemed like there was no cushion so it didn't last long. I sent the pans off and got a custom Billy Mayer seat. Now it is about the same height as the regular seat but I can stay on the bike for more than an hour at a time.




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I think your dealer is confusing the new lowered bike option with the low seat. The low bike option comes with a new one piece seat that, along with the shortened shocks, drops the bike about 2". The low seat option on the standard height RT is the same seat as in the past.

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...and I don't think the one piece seat from a lowered RT will fit on a standard height bike; you can, however, put the low rider's seat on a regular height RT.

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I think we are running a high risk of getting all confused here. Let me try to clarify from my perspective.


For regular RT's... those which have not been delivered as "Low" bikes (meaning factory lowered shocks, seat and short side stand) you can get a Low seat or the Regular seat. Depending on your size this can may or may not get your feet fully on the ground.


In the 2009 model year there is the option of getting an RT that comes from the factory with the Low configuration. That model has a seat that is one piece, and is thought to be even lower (thinner?) than the original Low seat. As I sit on the Low version '09 model it is lower then my '05 which has a custom low seat installed.


Careful inspection of a stock height pre- '09 RT suggests that you could easily fit the new one-piece Low seat to it by simply removing the carrier bracket between the rider and passenger seats. A sales person at my dealership agrees with this educated guess.


What we do not know is if the dealers can order and sell the new one piece Low seat.


Obviously the original poster needs to know that a custom seat builder can modify any seat to let you sit considerably lower.

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