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Bosch Spark Plug update


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When I purchased the R it had the Bosch FR6DDC's (Dual electrode) in it with a couple of thousand miles on them.

As I recently had a couple of freebie FR6DC+'s (Single electrode with Yttrium that supercedes the FR6DDC) as part of my Starter purchase, I decided to put them in LeRoy to se.


I must say the FR6DDC's worked really well in the bike. When I got the R, I did a TB synch and valve job. After than, it idled very well and had no surging. When I removed them, they were perfectly coloured with minimal wear. So, after reading all the Autolite 3923 single electrode posts, I am testing the new Bosch plugs and will let y'all know how it works out.


On the application list, Bosch now lists the same single ground FR6DC+ plug for the R1150 motor instead of different plugs for the R1100 and the R1150. However, I am replacing the stock BKR7EKC's in Darth as he runs great and I don't want to mess with a good working setup.


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is your RT dual plugged ?

do you use the BKR7EKC in all four locations?



The lower plugs are smaller than the primaries, BKR7EKC will not fit.



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Stock plugs WERE dual ground Bosch & NGK's. NGK's are still sticking to the dual ground but, it appears, Bosch went to single electrode in the BMW application.


The Autolite 3923's are single ground electrode plugs just like the "new" (superceding the dual ground FR6DDC's) Bosch FR6DC+'s.


So I am assuming there must be a (better??) difference if they changed the spec! :thumbsup:

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