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Backup Groomsmen


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We could have used BackupRefreshmentServer.com. The guy dispatched by our caterer showed up drunk and wearing a flannel shirt and jeans, then shouted obscenities for all to hear when he was asked to leave. Ah, wedding war stories ... :smirk:


Seems that BackupBridesmaids.com might have some Mann Act compliance issues to deal with. Might have to advertise that on Craigslist. :grin:

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My favorite quality--

ability to dance with small girls on shoes


That Julie is a strange one. He obviously takes after her. ;-)

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From the application page:


"If you are ugly, please submit a fake photo."


Nice work. Also liked the use of ITC American Typewriter. Haven't seem much of it around these days.

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Thanks for the laugh. I sent it to the group of groomsmen I'll be part of this summer. We're all riding to Sturgis together the week before the wedding for an extended bachelor party, so having alternates ready could be a good idea.





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