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Newbie here..need a L'il help


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Been working on my, new, to me, '04 R1150RTP and put a new tire on front and can't seem to remember where that little clamp that holds the brake line bolts to.??

Also anyone have the NGK and/or Bosch numbers for prime and secondary spark plugs for my bike ??

Thanx for any...

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Try the rear side of the lower fork bridge near the left fork leg.


Look in the Parts sticky in the top of this forum for the spark plug numbers.

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DOH !! I said it wrong. It's actually the speedo cable bracket that I can't locate a spot for. I did search the above parts list but but it's not clear if the '04 1150RT uses NGK BKR7EKC in all locations or the other listed number in secondary.....

Any 1150 owners out there buy plugs at other than dealer ?

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