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FYI - Earplugs for those with small ear canals


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For those of you that have small ear canals like me......


The squishy earplugs that my friends were using would not squish small enough to stay in my ears. Didn't realize I have small ear canals, just thought I needed a course on Installing Earplugs for Dummies. Rode for years without them because I couldn't figure out how to get them to stay in.


Happened to be in the pharmacy area of WalMart one day and noticed the earplug section. I started pondering what I was doing wrong and realized my ear canals might be small. I noticed they had earplugs for kids to use when swimming. I can't remember the brand but they are the ridged type and smaller in diameter than normal ear plugs. They are blue, come packaged two pairs in a plastic box for $2.??. Look, you'll find them. I've been using them for years with great success.



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I have a pin sized head which corresponds to my little thoughts and equally small ears. I got a pair of BIG EAR custom fitted plugs and am quite satisfied. They fit comfortably and stay that way for hours. For as long as you have them installed actually. I did use them all night at the Top of the Rockies rally to blunt the snoring of the surrounding tent dwellers. DIDn't even notice the usual 5 AM train whistle. :wave:

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+1 for custom fitted silicone plugs. I used to fiddle with foamies but the custom molded plugs pop in instantly. They don't block quite as many frequencies but I find that works best for me anyway (can hear a radar detector or Autocom through them just fine).

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