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EWS repeat?


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Just asking, not looking to start a quality problem thread. For you who had an EWS problem, then got the "fix" [new 247 part number replacement antenna ring], have you had any problems with the new ring? I ask, because I'm getting tired of hauling a spare ring with me, especially if there's little chance of a relapse.



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First problem occurred with 100 miles on on odometer. EWS ring was replaced with same part number that failed. No second failure but a lot of concern. Shortly thereafter the service bulletin was announced and it was replaced again during the 600 mile service, this time with the 247. No problems or worries since.


Now let's see what happens with the fuel gauge that's been replaced twice.



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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

A good friend of mine had his replaced at 800 miles on his GSA, and again at 1100 miles with the good one. Now at about 3500 and no further EWS issues. Unfortunately, now they have recalled it for a telelever/shock replacement. He's pi$$ed

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