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1100RT front mudgaurd


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Will the R1100RT front mudgaurd fit on the R1150RT?

I really like the faired in look.

I guess I might see if I can pick one up at the breakers and get it painted the same colour as the bike - I don't think they did the 1100RT in Biarritz blue

If it does fit, why did BMW change it for the more open style of the 1150?



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Yes.....the fenders are interchangable.


What? I always thought they wouldn't fit. I like the older (bigger) one also, ....and I know I can get it in black!

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The only difference is the mounting points, but either fender can be installed on either bike. If you look at your 1150......you will see two threaded holes right above the axle. These are the lower mounting holes for the 1100 fender. Both fenders share the same upper mounting points.

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